eCommerce leader @Cdiscount opens 3000sq.ft. warehouse to let #startups innovate & disrupt #innovation #digital #disruption #agile @bastienginer

The Warehouse est le premier entrepôt destiné aux startups pour créer la supply chain du futur. Créé par Cdiscount, ce lieu d’innovation propose un programme d’accompagnement de 6 mois, alliant à la fois du mentoring pour challenger la stratégie des startups, mais également des ateliers de codesign avec les utilisateurs experts de leur métier, afin de contextualiser les solutions logistiques des startups sélectionnées.

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WHY IT MATTERS: we all say companies must innovate but often they struggle because of internal operational constraints – after all they have a business to run and cannot disrupt their operations to try things out. That is why such an experiment by CDiscount is so important: they have created both a *place* where startups can do their things and a *process* for them not worry if they break something. Can’t wait to see the results of that – but I guess it can only be positive, how can it not be?

Farid Mheir