#Drones relay #RFID signals or read barcodes for improved inventory control without humans or ladders #MIT #WMS #digital 

MIT researchers have developed a system that enables small, safe, aerial drones to read RFID tags from tens of meters away while identifying the tags’ locations. The system could be used in large warehouses to prevent inventory mismatches and locate individual items.

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WHY IT MATTERS: drones and autonomous vehicles have applications in business settings that may be more valuable and faster to deploy short term than consumer applications we have come to see in recent years – like self-driving cars or drone following humans in the wild. Here MIT has adapted drones to perform inventory control using RFID tags in warehouses. At the recent CES 2018 event, drones from company Eyesee are equipped with high definition cameras perform similar tasks of inventory control and management. These solutions have short-term benefits for enterprises that warrant deployment of what is still a very new technology. In the future, Artificial Intelligence image recognition software should enable even more advanced inventory control.

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