Digital will transform food shopping online, @Nielsen @FMI predict 70% will buy food online in 2025

FMI and Nielsen Company have partnered on the Digitally Engaged Food Shopper, a strategic engagement surrounding the forces and factors of change driven by digital technologies for both today’s and tomorrow’s food shopper. This multi-year initiative will reveal top trends in digitally enabled food shopping for both retailers and manufacturers to consider in their “connected commerce” strategies and capability investments. The exploration with Nielsen will ultimately inform food retailers and their trading partners how to craft a digital strategy; execute a plan; and appropriately resource it.

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WHY IT MATTERS: FMI and Nielsen provide data to suggest that food grocery shopping online may reach disruption levels in 5-7 years. It is important because online grocery may be the last frontier of digital transformation. What we started in 1996 is finally showing signs of strong growth. We’re almost there!

Farid Mheir