Digital agile transformation at ING shows it is possible to transform legacy non technology organizations to #agile using the concepts of #tribes #squads #chapters via @McKinsey #digitalTransformat…

Established businesses around the world and across a range of sectors are striving to emulate the speed, dynamism, and customer centricity of digital players. In the summer of 2015, the Dutch banking group ING embarked on such a journey, shifting its traditional organization to an “agile” model inspired by companies such as Google, Netflix, and Spotify. Comprising about 350 nine-person “squads” in 13 so-called tribes, the new approach at ING has already improved time to market, boosted employee engagement, and increased productivity.

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WHY IT MATTERS: banks are notorious for their lack of agility and fear of change, making digital transformation a challenge. Here ING move to the concept of agile tribes is explained.

Farid Mheir