Construction sites will never be the same with HoloBuilder and Boston Dynamics SpotWalk robots, as well as drones and autonomous carry-all solutions #construction

HoloBuilder, a construction technology that offers reality capture solutions for progress documentation and construction project management, has announced a unique partnership with Boston Dynamics that will bring HoloBuilder’s reality capture experience to a robotic platform. HoloBuilder’s new application, named SpotWalk, is a new product from HoloBuilder that integrates with Boston Dynamic’s “Spot” robot – a dog-sized quadrupedal robot designed to be able to nimbly navigate challenging environments, including stairs and uneven ground.

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WHY IT MATTERS: robots are entering hostile environment of construction sites. Here the autonomous robot that has been featured in funny and creepy videos in the past has been deployed to document construction projects over time. Couple this with drones that can film exterior shots and robots that facilitate carrying tools and dirt, you can expect the digital transformation to enter the physical world in a big way in coming years.

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Farid Mheir