Build-A-Bear closed 30 stores but opens 52 new stores is a great example of retail transformation and digital exploration with new store formats

In fiscal 2018, Build-A-Bear opened 52 locations and closed 33, and remodeled or reformatted 12 into a Discovery format, in which the stuffer machine is moved to the middle of the store to allow for more accessories on the walls.

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WHY IT MATTERS: Build-a-Bear was one of the keynote speakers at Shoptalk 2019 where the CEO highlighted an important concept: if we don’t change our store format we will go out of business. And clearly the single store format concept of the past no longer applies. Retailers must then scramble to update their internal processes and technologies to support multiple store formats, from store-in-a-store to store-in-a-cruiseship concept (that build a bear shared as being one the best concept they tried).

Farid Mheir