BrandBox is an amazing new concept where shopping mall owner @Macerich provide online pure play retailers and brands with no physical presence, with all the expertise required to open a physical st…

The boom of e-commerce isn’t leaving physical retail in the dust. It’s actually resulting in a physical retail renaissance that’s changing the game. And we all have two sources to thank for that: digitally-native vertical brands (DNVBs), and the consumers who are down for them.

Physical retail is the new place to be, and just like everything else, consumers are going old-school but with a new twist. Physical experiences are complementing the digital ones, setting the stage for distinctive, personal, and memorable interactions that can lead to lifetime brand loyalty.
And innovative DNVBs have caught on, leveraging tech, social media, and shifts in consumer buying behavior to create seamless experiences across digital and physical touch points to reshape the whole retail landscape.

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WHY IT MATTERS: shopping malls are struggling with retailers closing their stores and foot traffic dropping. This new concept BrandBox by Macerich sounds amazing as it provides online pure plays – and brands with no physical stores – with all the expertise they typically don’t have – designers, real estate planners, etc. – along with concept store formats that can be deployed in as little as a few weeks. This makes mall owners value add partners, not just real estate pushers, and gives their properties a new lease on life to replace brick and mortars that are struggling. There is a new business model in there somewhere…

Farid Mheir