Brand #marketing in the age of machine learning = performance marketing => marketers will become #dataScientists or die… 

In the near future, all media buying will be automated. Being good at buying media will no longer be a competitive advantage.

Based on my research and work I’m doing with some of the top CMOs in the world, here are my bold predictions for what advertising will look like in Canada by 2025:

  • Bold prediction #1: Because of the continuing shift to online advertising, rapid improvements in Machine Learning (ML), and the rise of programmatic, almost all media buying will be digitized and fully automated.
  • Bold prediction #2: Driven by this digitization, most paid ads—across most channels—will be measurable and optimizable in real time.
  • Bold prediction #3: This will transform brand marketing, which will start to look a lot more like performance marketing.

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WHY IT MATTERS: if you went into marketing because you did not like math or science, well I think the future will be very very painful… 😉

Farid Mheir