Best example of #newStoreExperience through #omni-channel technologies: Target deploying mobile checkout in their stores + redesigning to have 2 entrances: Why big-box retailers are no longer betti…

So instead of trying to battle Amazon using the legacy inventory model — hoping that whatever is in stores will compel customers to make purchases — retailers are focusing experience driven through convenience. To do that, retailers are reducing friction at checkout, giving customers to options to pick up or ship items to stores, and adding digital tools to help find products either in the store or online, if they’re out of stock.

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WHY IT MATTERS: this short article is very clear: retailers are changing the "function" of their stores from inventory display to service + experience. This is made possible by large investments in technology to enable mobility in store (wifi, tablet to employees, software for employees) and links to backoffice and online systems (ERP for inventory and order management, eCommerce for online availability, same-day shipping). Of course this means huge investments that have traditionally not been made as they were considered "not useful" because not necessary in the legacy operating model.

Farid Mheir