#AR #VR startups at an all-time high, Facebook & Apple have 1000+ engineers on it #gameOfTitans

AR/VR hype keeps reaching new heights. Funding to AR/VR startups reached an all-time high in deals and dollars last year. Both Facebook and Apple are reputed to have 1000+ engineers working on their respective headset efforts. And PlayStation said its PSVR, a $400 headset released in October, has sold 915k units in just 4 months. Unsurprisingly, startups of all kinds are flocking toward what could be the next major computing platform.

In this webinar we’ll delve into:

  • Major startup players in the AR and VR market
  • Investigate new enterprise and industrial use cases for AR/VR
  • Patents being sought by large corporates like Microsoft, Apple, along with startups like Magic Leap
  • Highlight how media companies and movie studios are reacting and driving M&A

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.cbinsights.com


So much money is being invested by so many large companies that it is difficult not to expect great things from AR and VR in the coming years. If you go beyond the hype on gaming gears and being able to watch a virtual TV on the wall, every corporate strategy should include at least evaluations of the technologies to help improve manufacturing, repairs, or other professional activities. 

Farid Mheir