Another great contribution by @JFGagne: A Framework + maturity model for #AI Governance that can be applied in #retail #finance to drive the #strategic planning process and govern its implementation

Modern AI can figure out patterns, classify objects, make decisions and evaluate the results. It can learn and adapt to new situations using feedback loops. It’s awesome software. You don’t need to pay someone to make an analysis then pay someone to create a piece of software then pay someone to validate the outcome then realize it’s not doing  what you expected then go back and tweak the software. That whole cycle can take years in large organizations, yet a properly designed process powered by artificial intelligence can do that in a matter of days. It can recode itself, roll the changes out, and verify if it’s actually moving the needle in a direction that you want — all at an accuracy and speed beyond human ability. Quite powerful. Quite threatening.

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WHY IT MATTERS: this is quite useful framework to help guide the strategic planning process and measure its progress.

Farid Mheir