Analysis & Benchmark of 61 Open Source Software Projects highlights that #developers should always be careful about the quality of #OSS frameworks & databases they include in their solutions by Sof…

Open source software (OSS) is becoming increasingly popular, but gaining insight into its structural quality and understanding post-integration implications remain major challenges. This research digs deeper into these issues and aims to provide Software Intelligence on the structural quality of OSS commonly used by businesses or embedded as part of bespoke systems.

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WHY IT MATTERS: we have come to depend on open source software – OSS – to improve our development speed and features. It is very easy to include well known frameworks, analytics or even rely on OSS databases as the core of our apps. We should not underestimate the dependencies this creates within our own solutions, as the weakest link in the whole solution may be that of the OSS code you leverage. Be careful and do not trust blindly these solutions.

Farid Mheir