An Incremental Approach to Content Management Using Git – what happens when you let developers loose and ask them to build a CMS for your website #notMeantForGartnerMagicQuadrant via @thoughtWorks

One of the many challenges with building or refreshing a website is the selection of a Content Management System (CMS). Despite our best efforts the CMS can often be a source of difficulty in a project, but there are alternatives. Read about the approach we took on to developing functionality to support content management in an incremental fashion.


This article has detailed an incremental approach to developing a content managed web application, in contrast to the adoption of a CMS at the outset. While there are the costs associated with developing functionality which you could get “off the shelf,” these are offset by some of the advantage of this approach – flexibility, simplicity, control, obviating the need to learn a bespoke framework and above all being able to move in small steps from a simple static web site to a managed one.

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WHY IT MATTERS: this is what happens when you ask developers to build a content management solution. Very good insights into the process though.

Farid Mheir