Amazon rolls out AR lipstick try-ons via L’Oréal’s ModiFace – Could it be that #AR killerApp is more about enhancing other apps than being an app on its own… #retail #ecommerce

L’Oréal is bringing its artificial intelligence (AI) technology to Amazon, which for the first time will give its mobile shoppers a chance to virtually try on makeup before buying. ModiFace, the developer of technology for the beauty industry that L’Oréal acquired last year, is providing digital demonstrations of lipstick shades using augmented reality (AR), according to a company announcement.

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WHY IT MATTERS: always in search of the killer app, looks like AR is actually something that you embed into something else (here to sample lipstick in Amazon retail, there to correct the eyes in Apple facetime) rather than something you do on its own (think pokemon GO). Hmmm… 

Farid Mheir