All the data #self-driving cars take in from cameras looks like this- and the Webviz tool to visualize it is now open-source: will this lead to faster adoption of self-driving car technology?

Robo-cars are picking up everything its sensors see, hear, and detect. So to corral all this information, Cruise — through a hackathon event — created an open-source data visualization platform called Webviz. Other autonomous vehicle companies offer different aspects of the self-driving process, like Baidu’s Apollo open-source autonomous driving platform. Now Cruise is opening up its application for anyone who works with robotics.

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WHY IT MATTERS: interesting to see all the data self-driving cars process. More interesting though is that tools and technologies required to make self-driving cars, trucks and other vehicles is becoming more readily available which should spark an even faster adoption cycle.

Farid Mheir