#AIOPS – Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations: new buzzword or something real? A myth or a reality? via @capgemini @wesley_g_weel

An AIOPS platform in its simplest avatar helps aggregate and make sense of disparate data sources, identify the link and interrelationships between different silos. The term AIOPS was coined by Gartner and it was the acronym used for Algorithmic IT Operations back in the day. It was used to represent solutions that used machine-learning algorithms to solve unknown IT problems and intelligently predict and automate execution of ITOPS jobs. AIOPS has grown immensely over the past few years, with many vendors providing their own implementation of this concept. Gartner currently redefines this term as “Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations.”

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WHY IT MATTERS: like other units in the organization, the impact of AI in IT is beginning to take shape.

Farid Mheir