#Agile approaches are getting implemented in organizations for more than #Software #Development via @BCG

For most companies, agile is confined to software development—but it doesn’t need to be. Increasingly, forward-thinking companies are taking advantage of the same agile techniques that have transformed software development. Now they are successfully deploying these techniques in other core business units, from marketing to human resources to finance. When companies implement agile across their entire organizations, ways of working improve dramatically. Agile methods are more collaborative and creative and can be more efficient than other business models. But companies must first understand why their current business structures need to change.

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WHY IT MATTERS: software developers have proven for years that agile approaches deliver much better results than tradition approaches dubbed “waterfall”. I believe that because I have lived it many times. Now it is time for others in the organization to embrace agile approaches. And for those that know agile, remember that I always prefer to have pigs on my projects (for others, read this https://www.implementingscrum.com/2006/09/11/the-classic-story-of-the-pig-and-chicken/)

Farid Mheir