A New Tech Manifesto to envision a future where privacy, trust and personal data is valued properly #TrustIssues @medium

The promise of the internet isn’t that a few centralized powers will do everything for us. That’s the Old World, and we shouldn’t try to recreate it. The promise of an inter-networked world is that we can do more ourselves under new models of collaboration, whether in the fields of science or art or justice.
Imagine if we used our collective data to help us be better neighbors, partners, artists, citizens, and humans, rather than just better products to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Imagine, too, if we could hold technology companies accountable by demanding that they share power more equitably with the people who use and enable their products and services.

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WHY IT MATTERS: as privacy and trust erodes, this article provides some insight on how to shape the future to bring back trust and value of privacy and personal data.

Farid Mheir