A Harvard Business Review Study of More Than 250 Platforms Reveals Why Most Fail – and underlies the reasons why corporations should be very careful when picking a platform for their #DigitalTransf…

We grouped the most common mistakes into four categories: (1) mispricing on one side of the market, (2) failure to develop trust with users and partners, (3) prematurely dismissing the competition, and (4) entering too late.

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WHY IT MATTERS: many of my clients will select a digital platform to support their transformation – Adobe, Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP, etc. Platforms sound than a collection of best of breed solutions that all evolve in different directions with much different timing – sometimes ending in an acquisition by a platform such as magento by Adobe or Hybris by SAP. They hope that by doing so they will de-risk their projects and surf on the coat tails of an integrated solution with a wise and aggressive roadmap. Unfortunately, betting on the wrong horse means years of stagnation and pain – ask any executive that has selected IBM websphere commerce platform for their horror stories. This article provide 4 key elements to look for in your platform selection to help determine if they have a long term future.

Farid Mheir