80 IoT Statistics for 2019 and why the next big #security and #privacy threats will come from your devices, not the #Web #Infographic

IoT has been and will be the talk of the town for many years to come. Learn the latest internet of things statistics, forecasts and facts for 2019.

The IoT is defined by everyday objects, interconnected via the internet in order to send and receive data. The reason why we connect these objects is simple: for convenience. To help you understand this technology better in 2019, we’ve created the following list of Internet of Things statistics.

Being able to arm your security system remotely, or start your washer, turn your lights on or off, or adjust the thermostat while being nowhere near them is a convenience our grandparents fantasized about. Looks like we will probably never have to worry about leaving the stove on again.

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WHY IT MATTERS: with everything connected to the Internet, possibilities are endless, for good and bad…

Farid Mheir